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About Rangeet Rice

Rangeet rice- a rare, unique Royal Basmati Rice, a gift from the Himalayas to the mankind. Traditionally, used by the Maharajas, the Basmati rice, known to be the “Queen of Fragrance”, is grown in the northern Punjab region of India and commands the highest price of any variety of rice grown in the world. This rice is high in amylase content and has a firm dry texture when it is properly cooked. The raw kernel is long and slender in shape. The grains tend to increase in length by more than two and a half times when cooked to produce a very long slender cooked grain. The best Indian Basmati has been aged to increase firmness of cooked texture and the elongation achieved in cooking. There might be many kinds of rice, but none match the authentic Indian Basmati, known for its flavor, aroma, texture, and appearance.

As the old saying goes- “Grains of rice should be like two brothers – close but not stuck together”. Rangeet Rice thus, aims at providing you all; the highest quality, aged non-sticky and aromatic Royal Basmati rice, right from the paddy growing regions Northern part of Punjab and Hariyana, making it a rare original.

Purity and Uniqueness

Our relationship with the Basmati farmers and millers has kept growing due to their awareness of traditional knowledge, skills and experience in modern-day crop management practices, commitment to excellence, which determines the quality of our harvest. Every grain harvested is nurtured with love and adoration. The grains of Rangeet Rice can surely be traced back to the paddy fields of its origin.

Rangeet Rice is committed to enhance our capacities and to introduce the latest milling, grading and packing techniques to the basmati industry. With State-of-the-Art warehousing, grading and distribution network, we ensure flawless and consistent quality of Rice.

The grains are subjected to a rigorous process of cleaning, separation, sizing, colour sorting and grading before they are stored safely in state-of-the-art grain silos. Every step along the way is tightly controlled and analyzed to maintain the highest quality and high end taste. Tests are performed at every stage, from cleaning, colour sorting and length grading the rice to weighing and packaging the end product, to final dispatch of the product, ensuring that Rangeet rice range of basmati is not only perfect, but also exceeds global requirements for quality and safety.

The Rice available on our website is of the highest quality and standard, processed and packed hygienically using the best technologies. It is certified in making one of the top selling rice brands in this region. After an extensive market study and market sale of two years we are delivering all the varieties of Basmati & 1121 series Rice, meeting the Export Standards.

Uses for Celebration

Rangeet Rice aims at delivering you with aged, fluffy, straight, separated and non-sticky grains, perfect for all kinds of occasions and functions. They are not only fit for everyday consumption but is an ideal choice to prepare Variety of rice dishes in festivals and occasions. Through cooking tests and professional sensory analysis, every Rangeet Rice brand is verified against the highest standards in basmati rice.

Rangeet Rice brings the finest of Basmati Rice to the global palate by bringing unbridled joy to the faces of millions of our consumers in the brand name of “RANGEET”. Rangeet Rice has earned respect and patronage amongst consumers over the years and today it’s a matter of pride to be the preferred brand amongst Indian households and also in Nepal & Bhutan.